Can The Avengers Live Up To The Hype?

by Gerard Barter

With the release of The Avengers now only days away, anticipation amongst the franchise’s already large fan base is at an all-time high. Since the cast’s announcement at Comic-Con 2010, hype has been building amongst all film and comic lovers.
This has now put a lot of pressure on the film and could be what ends up being its downfall. If The Avengers fails to satisfy the high bar set by its own build-up, it won’t be the only film to suffer, as the already announced Ironman 3, Thor 2 and Captain America 2 would also be tainted and the possible Avenger’s sequel would be scraped. Although optimism must be kept when going to see this film, the lack of past examples of similar films means there is no real basis to compare The Avengers to. This makes previews for the film very difficult to do and has led to many specific pieces online that question only one aspect of the film, usually to do with the lore established by the individual character’s films and as such these “previews” have worked to strengthen the community who have spoken against the more trivial of them.
The trailers have promised action, conflict and humour which, despite making other recent Superhero films very successful across many demographics, can ruin a film when imbalanced. Finding that equal place for each will decide if this film is received well and will shape the opinions of superhero movies for years to come.  The Avengers influence on the Superhero genre will have the opportunity to change the world’s view on Superhero movies and absolve the mistakes of past films, expanding the fan base for future films greatly. Only time will tell whether The Avengers becomes the latest great film or whether it is added to the long list of disappointing hero films.


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