Man Could Face Jail Time After Slapping A Loud Kid In A Movie Theatre

by Jen Gore

This is NOT Mr.Kim

Before we all jump on the hate train let’s just hear what happened and think to ourselves for a moment…would we slap a kid for disrupting a film we were really in to?

Yong Hyun Kim was charged with slapping a 10-year-old boy in a Kent film theatre after he and his mates refused to quiet down and stop throwing popcorn back in April. He knocked one of the kid’s teeth out but in his defense he claims he thought the young boy was an adult.

The cherry on top? All this occurred at a screening of Titanic 3-D.

If someone, kid or adult, was ruining your film and throwing shit your way at a screening, would you too slap them upside the head? Let us know if you think Mr.Kim is a little bit of a hero or a fiend.


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