Eat My Shorts Festival At The Twisted Pepper

by Elizabeth Stammitti

There is a new (and free!) film festival coming up on June 9th for us cinema lovers residing in Dublin. It’s called Eat My Shorts and it will take place in The Twisted Pepper (located at 54 Middle Abbey St., Dublin 1). You’ll be able to enjoy a whole day of different workshops, short film screenings and more.

The workshops will start at 11:30 a.m. and they will cover different areas of the film creative process, such as scriptwriting (with screenwriter Mary Kate O’Flanagan), special effects (with the team of Bowsie Workshop), and film music (featuring The Secret School of Sound).

There will also be a Q&A section with filmmakers, funders and producers discussing the different aspects of funding a short film in Ireland.

Regarding the screenings, 50 short films will be shown at the festival, ten of which are all part of the Foreign Cities Music Film Project, a collaboration between James Cooper and ten directors, where each film will include music written and produced by Mr. Cooper. The order of the screenings will coincide with that of the songs of Mr. Cooper ‘s album, which was released on May 17th at Dublin’s Sugar Club.

In order to attend to any of the workshops, you will need to do an online registration first by sending an e-mail to

For further information, please visit their website


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