Iron Sky:Moon Nazis Plotting Revenge On Earth From Space

by Michelle McGlynn

Iron Sky: a film about Nazis living in a swastika shaped Moon base plotting to reinvade Earth. Do I need to say more?

At the end of World War II a secret Nazi space programme managed to send a group of Nazis to the moon. The world carries on unaware that the war against the Nazis is not over, it is just on a hiatus. The Moon Nazis use this time to plot revenge on Earth. When an American spacecraft lands too close to their base on the dark side of the moon, the Nazis realise that they need to strike sooner rather than later. The new Führer (Udo Kier) sends two of his officers to earth ahead of the invasion as they realise they are somewhat outmatched in terms of technology. Will the Nazis finally realise their ambition of taking over all of Earth?

Iron Sky is sure to be a fun watch. It is about space Nazis, how could it not be hilarious? It is a work of love and it shows. The work for this film began six years ago. Many fans donated money for the film and their names appear in the end credits. Iron Sky is sure to be an instant cult classic. There is already talk about a prequel and seqel although no details have been revealed.

After gauging whether or not there was a big enough audience for this film, the Light House cinema announced that they would have three showings of Iron Sky.  The announcement followed a huge response from audiences eager to see the film and tickets sold fast.


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