Pennywise Returns: ‘IT’ Being Remade By Cary Fukunaga

Stephen King’s ‘IT’ scarred many a childhood, Tim Curry’s painted clown face appeared in many nightmares and is the main cause for coulrophobia in adults (it’s not, we just made that up, but for all we know it could be!).

Now the director of Jane Eyre (2012) and Sin Nombre, is on board to bring the terrifying, evil clown back to life and it gets scarier…there will be TWO films. For you young bucks who haven’t seen or read ‘It’, the book tells the story of a group of kids who refer to themselves as The Losers Club (we wanna be in their gang!). The kids cross paths with a demon who preys on children in the form of Tim Curry…no wait..that’s not right…in the form of a sadistic evil clown called Pennywise (there we go). After they first tackle the evil clown demon, The Loser’s Club reforms thirty years later to battle with Pennywise again, when he reappears.


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