Taken 2: Taking us for a bit of a ride?

by Cora Quigley

Everyone who claims to be a person knows about the 2008 movie hit of the century ‘Taken’. How could you forget? This was the film that dared to pose the old age question of what one can do in a situation where one has completely neglected one’s daughter for sixteen odd years and said daughter’s mother is non-too pleased. This was also the film that finally gave us the answer. The only way one can possibly make up for such an absence is to merely rescue one’s daughter from her difficult new life of forced prostitution at the hands of some Eastern European creeps. Duhh. Its upcoming sequel, the aptly and creatively titled ‘Taken 2’ is also sure to be the most heart-warming family film of the year. After all, this is the sequel to the film that gave us the infinitely quotable line “I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you”, which also cemented Liam Neeson’s character as quite possibly the greatest father of all time. It shall be a tale of familial love and redemption. Oh, the redemption! Well, enough about the first one, what about expectations for the much anticipated second installment?!

From the trailer, ‘Taken 2’ looks to be more of the same; Neeson’s guttural growl and his flawless fighting and detecting skills are on the prowl once again. It is sure to be filled to the brim with dumbass family members and more dangerous foreigners than you could care to count. However, at first glance you could be inclined to scoff, “OMG. The mother and Liam Neeson get kidnapped now?! That is soo dumb, LAWL.” Holy subversion, Batman! Also, as we all know, the first film had the most realistic premise of all time. After the initial scepticism wears off, you should then realise that in actual fact, the initial premise really wasn’t a beacon of clever observations or life changing realisations. And that is absolutely okay! Its appeal basically lies in the fact that it is merely an excuse to watch Liam Neeson being a bad ass and fucking shit up. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see that happen to evil sex traffickers?

This sequel doesn’t seem so far removed from the first at all. It’s definitely more of the same. After all, his stupid daughter had to inherit her hopeless naivety from somewhere, right? We will definitely get a glimpse of where with how her mother copes with and also how she gets herself into being taken hostage. And although this movie seems to have the added twist of Liam Neeson getting kidnapped, from the trailer it looks as if he gets out of that situation quite quickly due to all the explosions he is involved in. His ex-wife, unlike her former CIA operative husband, lacks a particular set of skills. And also common sense, it would seem.  Watching the silly mother go through exactly the same thing as her daughter is sure to be a barrel of laughs – entertainment central, basically. Maybe, just maybe, Neeson has instilled his daughter with more of his traits in the time that has passed between the events of the first film and this one. Perhaps we’ll see her kick some ass this time. Probably not though. Let’s just hope that this time Neeson will finally learn the ultimate life lesson of our time; leaving America is just not a good idea when everywhere else in the world is most definitely full of rapists, kidnappers and murderers wandering about kidnapping everyone willy nilly.


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