Irish Film Institute ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ Festival August 16th-19th

The IFI of Temple Bar will host a film festival where some of the best documentaries of the year will be shown and may very well change your opinions, your outlook on social subjects or your view on life. Sometimes real life stories have the power to touch us in ways fiction can not.

In its second year running, Stranger Than Fiction brings documentaries to Dublin from all over the world. This year the lineup includes: The Imposter, One Mile Away, The Reluctant Revolutionary, Very Extremely Dangerous, 5 Broken Cameras,The Gentleman Prizefighter, Anton Corbjin:Inside Out, Planet of Snail, The Interrupters and Detropia.

For lovers of film, truth and life the IFI Stranger Than Fiction festival is an event not to be missed, underestimated or ignored. More information and a programme  can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Irish Film Institute ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ Festival August 16th-19th

  1. I would highly recommend 5 Broken Cameras and Reluctant revolutionary. I was on the jury for the Human Rights award at Galway Film Fleadh and we had a challenging time debating who should win. The film Give Up Tomorrow won (excellent and worthy winner), however both of these films came tied second in our numerical vote.

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