Heath Ledger’s ‘Joker’ Inspired By Tom Waits

by Muireann Coyne

Many would agree that Heath Ledger’s performance as the villainous Joker in The Dark Knight was a defining highlight of Nolan’s Batman Trilogy.
However, due to his tragic death before the film’s release in 2008, fans and critics alike were left speculating the influences behind Ledger’s posthumous Oscar-winning role.
This old video of Tom Waits appearing on Australian talk show The Don Lane Show in 1979 has added fuel to the fire to theories that Ledger found inspiration in both the voice, lobsided posture and mannerisms of the singer-songwriter.
They both worked on The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus shortly before the Australian actor’s death, but it is unknown whether the two met before filming began on The Dark Knight.
Whether it’s just an eerie coincidence or not, check out the striking similarities for yourself. Skip to 1.30 for the interview.

And if you need reminding of Ledger’s The Joker then jog your memory with this:


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