The True Inspiration Behind Bale’s Batman Voice?

by Michelle McGlynn

The Dark Knight trilogy, many would say, is one of the greatest trilogies of all-time. They could well be right. For the most part critics may find themselves hard pushed to find any major flaw within Nolan’s films. Except of course for Bale’s inexplicable need to adopt a ridiculous raspy voice when he dons the Batman costume. Even die-hard Dark Knight fans can admit that it is one of the only major annoyances of the films.

Now we have all agreed that Heath Ledger’s Joker was greatly inspired by legendary singer Tom Waits. Why some people have taken this long to figure it out is beyond me. I assumed that it was blatantly obvious from the first moment Ledger opened his mouth as the Joker, but I digress. Now YouTuber ‘utubelor’ believes he may have found the true inspiration behind Bale’s growly Batman voice. The answer may surprise you, check out his video here:

Who do you think could have inspired Bale’s rasp?


2 thoughts on “The True Inspiration Behind Bale’s Batman Voice?

    • Thanks for your feedback. I will take it onboard the next time I’m writing something like this and try to put a bit more info to go along with the video

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