Parent & Baby Film Screenings At Light House Cinema Every Wednesday

Light House Cinema understand that being a parent and a film lover are two things that are hard to mix together. Where do you find the time? Where will you find a babysitter while you go to the cinema? Light House Cinema have got parents completely covered with their weekly Parent & Baby Screenings.

Every Wednesday, Light House Cinema provide discount parking, space to park your buggies, prams & strollers,fresh grub like sandwiches, cakes, soups,tea,coffee and even lovely herbal teas to keep everyone peaceful but the best thing is they keep the volume low enough to keep your little one content and also adjust the lighting so it’s not too dark or too bright for your wee berns.

It’s a great way for parents who are also film lovers to meet other parents, chat & have a lovely relaxing morning with the kids.

This week Light House Cinema will show Anna Karenina,starring Keira Knightley,at 11.30pm in Screen 2. For more information pop over to the Parent & Baby Screenings page.


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