The Nicolas Cage Matrix: You’ll never have trouble choosing a Nic Cage film again!

by Michelle McGlynn

We’ve all been there. You know you want to watch Nicolas Cage, but which one? There are so many versions of Cage that we have come to love, how are we supposed to be able to choose one film to watch at any given time? Maybe you want to watch an awful film, where Cage gives a truly insane performance. Or maybe you want to watch one of his great films, he does have them, and you want to see him give a fantastic, serious performance. But knowing this much doesn’t help you to figure out which film to watch.

Well thanks to the people at The Shiznit, that’s as much as you need to know. They have created a grid matrix charting some of Cage’s most memorable performances. We present to you, The Nicolas Cage Matrix. You will never have trouble choosing a Nicolas Cage film again.

The Nicolas Cage Matrix


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