Film Courses in Dublin

by Cora Quigley

It can be hard to know where to start when wanting to try break into the film industry in Ireland. College film courses can be competitive and are often few and far between. Fortunately, several places in the Dublin area offer full time, part time and evening courses in various areas related to film, giving budding filmmakers a variety of options when it comes to learning about the industry. Here is just a handful of what’s on offer.

Pulse College

Located at Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Ringsend, Pulse College boasts a number of film courses. There’s a diploma course in film production which can be taken on both a full and part time basis. More short term courses include a five day screenwriting course, an 8 week introduction to film course and several on the uses of Final Cut Pro. Find out more here.

Digital Film School

Located on Pearse Street, The Digital Film School has a number of dates for its ‘Make a Movie’ course for teens and adults where the participants learn the processes of filmmaking while producing their own short film in five days. They also have a 3 day workshop on offer. Find out more here

Film Base

Membership is required to take part in any one of Film Base’s plethora of film related courses. Membership isn’t too pricey though and they also offer an unwaged rate for those who are unemployed or in college. Some of the filmmaking courses on offer include a One Day Film School, a digital filmmaking course and also a documentary filmmaking course. Find out more here

New Media Technology College

The New Media Technology College is located on Harcourt Street and has several worthwhile short courses in the area of filmmaking including Scriptwriting for Beginners and Digital Video production. Find out more here

The Gaiety School of Acting

For those more interested in working in front of the camera rather than behind the scenes The Gaiety School offers a number of courses for those more experienced in acting and those who merely have a budding interesting in the craft. The school has Masters Courses, full time and part time courses. For those who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to it, there are both yearlong courses and more short term ones for people of all ages. Some of the short courses include Acting for Camera, an Accent Workshop and a Casting and Audition Workshop. Find out more here


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