Oscar’s Last Christmas Movie Night at Wilde

By Cora Quigley

Like movies? Like Christmas? Like Christmas movies? Like watching Christmas movies in a jovial atmosphere alongside decadent surroundings not unlike that of ‘Wilde’ located on Wicklow Street, Dublin 2? Well, by golly you’re in for a treat! In the weeks coming up to Christmas, Oscar’s Movie Night is going to be Christmas themed. Every Tuesday night at 8.30pm a Christmas classic will be screened. Did I mention there’s free popcorn? Well, there’s free popcorn.


Tuesday, 18th Decembersanta claus

Finishing up this seasonal movie, er, season is a film featuring the big man himself, old Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Papa Noel, Kris Kringle, Ash Man… Or I guess you could call him Santa, if that’s what you’re into. Before Batman Begins and before The Amazing Spiderman, in 1985, there came an origins story that you could really sink your teeth into. One that really opened collective minds to ideas of immortality, morality; justice and perhaps the most pertinent of all; the concept of what truly can be construed as naughty and nice.

More details can be found here.


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