Bring Your Own Cinema Food

by Jen Gore

Every time I get ready to go to the cinema, I scour my kitchen counter for treats and a bag of popcorn to bring along with me and I bring my own drink too. It’s never long before I get an incredulous look from a family member, friend or significant other and they ask ‘what are you doing?’. Well, I’m refusing to pay extortionate amounts of money for a small box of popcorn,bottle of water,bag of sweets,ice cream,nachos,pick ‘n’ mix or 20 cent extra per pump of hot butter on my popcorn, THAT’s what I’m doing.

In various cinema’s around Dublin people are being ripped off when it comes to food and pretty much when it comes to ticket prices. I paid 22 euro for two standard tickets in one of Dublin’s biggest cinemas one time and it’s a mistake I won’t be making again. Charging extra because it’s a peak hour or a busy film? I’d rather watch a shabbier version of whichever big film is out, at home on my laptop for that price.

Not all cinemas are that bad, IMC in Tallaght is best for value as far as I’m concerned but it seems that places in the city center will rip you off anyway they can. This is why I stuff my bag full of goods like it was Halloween night. Don’t complain about being broke if you’re going to spend ridiculous amounts of money for ‘cinema food’ or tickets.

The next time someone tells me to ‘not be scabby’ and just pay for food at the movies, I’ll continue to pack my bag and point and laugh at them when they get scammed out of their money and want to pick at my myriad bags of minstrels,crisps,jellies and whatever else I’ve ‘scabbily’ packed.


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