Where are all the good lesbian films?

by Jen Gore

imagine me and youLesbian films, why are they so shit? It might be fair to say that I have watched almost every lesbian film that has made a ‘Top 10 lesbian films to watch’ and I’m still disappointed. I thought there was a whole world of romcoms,thrillers,dramas and more about women falling in love with women after I watched ‘Imagine Me & You’, but no. It was a mistake starting with the best lesbian film out there because since then the films are getting worse.

I say they’re getting worse because for every kind of good lesbo film I watch there are ten terrible attempts at making a film that has substance, isn’t just full of sex or cliché and doesn’t make me want to give up all hope in ever finding a decent film that women who love women can relate to.

Is it really that hard to make a drama like let’s say ‘The Notebook’ or even a typical rom-com where girl meets girl,they fall in love,argue,make up and live happily ever after? Because it seems that in every film containing lesbians there has to be the token male to screw things up, there has to be a sexually confused straight woman, social issues or one or both of the lesbians get killed or suffer horribly. It’s 2013, there isn’t one decent mainstream lesbian film, only a handful (if even) ‘good’ indie queer films and let’s face it, the market is there, just sitting and waiting for someone to cop on and strike gold.

With gay marriage passing all around the world, all this awareness of the LGBT community, you would think directors, producers and writers everywhere would be cashing in, but no and why not? Did ‘Brokeback Mountain’ prove nothing? There hasn’t been a gay film made as well or distributed as widely and successfully as that since its release.

In my experience of watching these films, women direct and create much better lesbian films than men do. Not to say that a man couldn’t make a film that was tasteful about two gay women without it bordering porn, but from what I have seen it is yet to be proven.

Am I the only one that realises this? Are there more of you out there that would jump on a lesbo rom-com? Imagine how insanely amazing Titanic would have been if Jack was a tomboy called ‘Jackie’.Even with some really shitty straight films with a hetero couple often make me think if the lead woman had ended up with her best freind (for example Tina Fey should have ended up with Amy Poehler in ‘Baby Mama’) the film would have been much better.

Come on Hollywood,Ireland, ANYONE, make us the lesbian film we deserve and stop ignoring the blatantly obvious market and potential for really great movie making and Oscars galore!


2 thoughts on “Where are all the good lesbian films?

  1. Ha ha! I’m one of you. I like decent lesbian movie too but I couldn’t find one. I wish I could find even only one movie, And I wish too that some directors, producers etc. make some of it. 🙂

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