How About Intermissions For Long Films?

by Jen Gore

intermissions at the moviesWouldn’t it be grand if some of those extra long films had a short intermission half way through? No one would have to worry about missing anything while they sprint to the toilet and back, people would get a chance to stretch their legs,there’d be time for a short chat about what just happened in the first half and what might happen in the second.

It’s understandable that a lot of people would rather watch a film straight through but if the film is The Hobbit,LOTR,Harry Potter,Titanic or any other longer-than-my-brain-can-handle films, a short break would come in handy. I didn’t go see The Hobbit because of its length and I would rather wait for the DVD to come out so while I’m watching it I can take a little pause if I need to, to wrap my head around things I might not understand or just let the first half sink in. I find that when I can do that, I can enjoy the film more.

There’s probably a lot of you who think film intermissions are a terrible idea and that’s fine, but I fell asleep at a LOTR years ago because I was bored and my little mind couldn’t deal with everything that it was throwing at me. Some of us simply can’t sit through long films.

Do you disagree with me? Or am I on to something here?


One thought on “How About Intermissions For Long Films?

  1. I don’t think intermissions are necessary for films such as those, they just need to be shorter. Only two films I’ve seen ever had intermissions: POTC2 and King Kong and I know (especially for King Kong) they just annoyed me. Also, it’s the sensible thing to go to the toilet before going into a film.

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