Some popular casino film scenes

Just as people love playing at casinos in the real world, so movie makers love showing people playing at casinos (who says movies don’t reflect the lives of real people), albeit they are often a little dodgy when it comes to the details of the games involved. This is often a source of irritation for fans of casino games, but the majority of cinema goers just love the suspense and glamour that these scenes provide.
There are many games on show in the film world, many of which can be found at Gaming Club. A classic example of that would be the poker scene between James Bond and Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, which will have borne little relation to Texas Hold’em as played by most people in the real world, but still made for a nail-biting scene – with Bond and the audience both knowing that Le Chiffre planned to use any winnings to fund terrorist activity. If you were annoyed by the ridiculously great hands enjoyed by both players, just remember that previous Bond movies have featured underwater jet packs and mini rocket cigarettes, and bear in mind that the road back to reality for 007 is bound to be a gradual one.
Furthermore if you want casino scenes that don’t make you cry in the way that maths professors cry when they watch A Beautiful Mind, then you can always watch a film such as Rounders instead. This 1998 drama starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton did not attract much attention at the time, but the story of two friends trying to cancel out a debt by winning big at poker has developed a real cult following amongst poker fans. The gaming details are more accurate than the ones in most Hollywood films, and there are lots of fine casino scenes. However the one that particularly stands out is where Mikey (Damon) is convinced he has a hand to beat Russian player Teddy ‘KGB’, and bets his whole bankroll of $30,000. The moment when Teddy reveals that he has a full house of Aces is certainly one of the more bracing casino scenes you will see in the movies.


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