King of the Travellers Hits Irish Screens In April

by Michelle McGlynn

Irish writer/director Mark O’Connor explores the world and culture of the Irish Traveller community in his latest feature, King of the Travellers. The film which had its premiere at the Galway Film Fleadh last year has been slated for release in Irish cinemas April 19th. The film is generating buzz in the Irish film community as O’Connor has previously written and directed the critically acclaimed Between the Canals (2011). King of the Travellers also features Peter Coonan who many will recognise as Fran in RTE series Love/Hate.

The film follows John Paul Moorehouse (played by talented newcomer, John Connors) as he seeks revenge and answers regarding his father’s murder. John Paul’s father was gunned down before his eyes when he was a child. A member of the Powers family is believed to have been the gun man thus began a feud between the two families. John Paul’s uncle, Francis (Michael Collins), endeavours to keep the peace between the two but his efforts are thwarted when John Paul begins a quest for revenge. To complicate things further, John Paul finds himself falling for Winnie Power (Carla McGlynn), the daughter of the man suspected of murdering his father.

It was of great importance to O’Connor for the film to be authentic and to be true to the Traveller community. The film is largely made up of non-actors from the Traveller community.  O’Connor has said

“We made a film which I hope will be entertaining for audiences, as well as being of cultural importance to the Traveller community. It was a big risk casting Traveller non-actors in the film, but I felt it was necessary to give the film real authenticity.”

O’Connor is a huge Irish talent and this latest feature promises to meet our expectations. Are you excited to see King of the Travellers? Check out the clip below and let Film Jam know what you think.


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