Finding Nemo 3D: Experiencing a theatre full of kids

savoy cinemaLast Sunday,March 24th, Finding Nemo 3D kicked off in the Savoy cinema at 11.00am, complete with a blue carpet,buckets of popcorn, an introduction to the film and the Savoy’s main theatre (which is HUGE) packed full of excited toddlers. All around me were parents and their children trying to find seats,settle in to them and then try to control these hyped up miniature humans,which didn’t go so well for various mothers and fathers all over the cinema.

It must be difficult bringing an excited child to the cinema to see a film in 3D, surrounded by equally excited kids and treats. There were little ones running about,chatting away, jumping in their seats which ultimately led to parents telling them off but kids will be kids and as soon as they were given out to, they were back to their mischievous selves. Obviously I expected all of this, it would be silly to attend a premiere or screening for a kids film and not expect chaos.

Finding Nemo was as brilliant as it was first time around (10 years ago,can you believe that?) and one of the kids I brought along hadn’t even been born when it was released, although she told us other wise and swore she went to go see it in the movies. 3D definitely works better for animations than ‘real’ films, the real 3D films tend to mess with my eyes and make them feel a little drunk in a terrible way, giving me headaches.

A theatre full of kids is a kind of crazy experience. They don’t know how to sit still but the random things they ask and how they act is hilarious to observe. What is not hilarious is the way parents get wound up, get angry with their kids so much so they make them cry, or the awkward glance they give you after you’ve witnessed them discipline their offspring. If you’re a parent and you’re bringing kids to the pics to something like that then surely you expect they’ll be hyper,excited,unable to sit still.

Film fans, beware. If you ever attend something that children are going to attend in big numbers then expect a lot of noise during the whole film, a lot of cute kids,some crazy parents but overall a lovely atmosphere (like that of a panto) created by these overactive little mites.


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