Cannes 2013 : The jury, the selection,the French bling

By Bertille de Lestrade

Festival de Cannes Poster

Festival de Cannes Poster

Cannes is in the air : The 66th festival will open on May 15th ! Its president this year, Mr Steven Spielberg, will be surrounded by a jury of 8 top cinema celebrities. Behold :

Vidya Balan (Indian actress)
Daniel Auteuil (French actor/director)

Naomi Kawase (Japanese director)
Ang Lee (Taiwanese director/producer/scriptwriter)
Nicole Kidman (Australian actress/producer)
Cristian Mungiu (Romanian scriptwriter/director/producer)

Lynne Ramsay (British scriptwriter/director/producer)
Christoph Waltz (Austrian Actor)

As you know, these lovely people will be trusted with the delicate mission to pick a selection of films within several categories, and award them during the much expected Closing Ceremony on May 26th. And the question already being whispered by movie geeks all around the world :

Who will get the Palme d’Or this year ?

Let the excited bets and wishes begin ! The 2013 official selection (check it out here) includes big names and much awaited titles like Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby which will open the Festival, or Sofia Coppola’s latest film, The Bling Ring, featuring Emma Watson.  Of course, the forever frustrating aspect of Cannes lies in the fact that most of the movies in competition are still unknown. So what’s all the frenzy about ? The blissful anticipation of this year’s gems ? The glamour extraordinaire ? Meh… Far from the big Hollywood noise and glitters, this Festival tends to be a little too uptight and pompous. One note of hope though : as this year’s maîtresse de cérémonie, french actress Audrey Tautou will be giving the introduction speech. Let her be more fun, genuine and relaxed than the two previous fussy ladies who got the job (Mélanie Laurent and Bérénice Béjot), let the French be cool and humble, damn it !

Cannes is also about tributes and cinema nostalgia. The focus this year : Hitchcock’s  restored masterpiece Vertigo, which will be screened in the presence of its iconic star, Kim Novak, Festival Guest of Honour.

Patience, now… and vive le cinéma !

Kim Novak - Vertigo

Kim Novak – Vertigo


One thought on “Cannes 2013 : The jury, the selection,the French bling

  1. Luhrmann, Miike, Ozon, Sorrentino, the Coens, Polanski, Soderbergh, Kore-eda, Winding Refn, Jarmusch and Jia all going for the Palme d’Or!

    This is one of the strongest line-ups in years!

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