John Hughes Season At Light House: The Voice of the 80s

by Aine Mc Keown

john hughes season at light house cinemaIf the name John Hughes causes you to stare questioningly at the person who uttered it, and ask ‘Who’s he now?!’, then shame on you! John Hughes is the writer/director/producer of films that gave an everlasting voice to a generation, through fun, heartfelt plots and brilliantly formed characters. If you have never heard him, you will still have most likely seen at least one of his films; Home Alone. Sound familiar? Great, we’re getting somewhere so.

For all those who are open to an education, and those who want the opportunity to see some beloved films from twenty odd years ago shown on the big screen, then the wonderful Light House cinema in Smithfield has one hell of a treat for you. Starting at the end of May and lasting for six weeks is a John Hughes season. How fantastic is that?! If you want wit, humour, style and some of the greatest soundtracks ever, then this is something not to be missed.

The film to start this season on Wednesday 22nd May is Weird Science. Remember to suspend all knowledge of technology at the door. It is based around two unpopular teenage boys who create the perfect woman on their computer and get more than they bargained for. This high school comedy is humour and disaster and an enjoyable watch. Starring Anthony Michael Hall in one of his three appearances in this John Hughes season, this is a great start to a wonderful six weeks. (Rating; 7/10)

Second up is The Breakfast Club, starting from Wednesday 29th May. The Breakfast Club centres around the lives of five students sentenced to a Saturday in detention. We have the jock, the princess, the basket case, the nerd and the criminal. Despite their initial distrust and dislike for one another, they are finally united in their hatred of school politics and power plays. Filled with warmth and dialogue that has you hooked from the start, this is one that should definitely not be missed. (Rating; 10/10)

The third film showing from Wednesday 5th June is Sixteen Candles. It is Sam’s 16th birthday, but in all the planning surrounding her sister’s wedding, everyone has forgotten. Throughout the day, life throws some interesting characters in Sam’s direction that make it an unforgettable birthday, despite how things seemed at the start of the day. While this film is not in the top three John Hughes films, it has some sweet moments and great injections of humour. It is also Molly Ringwald’s first appearance in one of John Hughes’ films, she later appeared in The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink. (Rating 6/10)

Fourthly we have Pretty In Pink. This starts from Wednesday 12th June and stars Molly Ringwald at her finest, with the brilliant Jon Cryer and the wonderful Andrew McCarthy. Ringwald stars as Andie, a confident and uniquely fashioned high school senior who has to out manoeuver high school politics and her friend’s opinions in order to attend prom and date a “richie”. It is the sweetest of all John Hughes films for so many reasons and is coupled with a fantastic soundtrack. This is one that should not be missed! (Rating 10/10)

The fifth film showing on Wednesday 19th June is Ferris Buellers Day off. An adventure film for the modern urban kid and a ‘How To’ manual for bunking off school. It’s fun, charming and has the famous performance of ‘Twist and Shout’ on a parade float. It’s an entertaining watch, known more for its popularity with 80s boys, but is a film for everyone. (Rating 8/10)

The final film on the list is Planes, Trains and Automobiles. This is the only break from the teenage plots (not that any is needed), and some would argue it is the funniest film ever. Starring Steve Martin and John Candy, the plot is centred on a man must struggle to travel home for Thanksgiving, with an obnoxious slob of a shower ring salesman his only companion. With a wide variety of misadventures and moments of classic humour, this should tickle your funny bone and finish off the John Hughes season nicely. (Rating 8/10)

Season tickets are available for €42 and allow entry to all six films. Alternatively, individual tickets are €9. There are two showings on the day of opening for each film and a further two showings over the following couple of days. All details on times, prices and opportunities to book tickets are available from the Light House website by following this link;


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