The IFI Does Dublin Pride

This year as part of the Dublin Pride program 2013, the Irish Film Institute in Temple Bar will screen two documentaries which capture the spirit of this year’s celebrations.

where i am documentaryOn June 22nd at 18.45pm, ‘Where I Am’ will screen in the IFI. A big hit at this years JDIFF, it follows gay American Robert Drake as he returns to Sligo from Philadelphia. It has been twelve years since Robert was the victim of a violent attack by two local men that left him brain damaged, confined to a wheelchair and unable to pursue his promising writing career. On his return to Sligo, Robert meets the people who helped him and although this is a shocking and heartbreaking account, it’s also uplifting and a tale of forgiveness and redemption.

Director Pamela Drynan will attend the screening.

On June 28th at 18.45pm, Beyond Gay: The politics of Pride (followed by a wine reception) will screen. This documentary follows Ken Coolen, the director of the Vancouver Pride parade, as he travels to places where Pride parades are vastly different. He travels to New York, the gay rights movement birthplace and then to Sao Paolo where the biggest parade takes place. Next Ken travels to Poland where Pride parades are heckled by religious protesters and finally to Moscow where the parades aren’t even legal and must be planned in secret in order to avoid violence.

Get your tickets to these Dublin Pride events at the IFI box office or from the website as well as more info.


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