Let’s talk about Sherlock: All theories welcome

*SPOILERS*  Tough nuts if you haven’t seen it yet,you’ve been warned.

sherlock Finally caught up with the season three finale after missing it and then being without a laptop for a few days. So many plot twists,where to begin! I had absolutely no idea Sherlock was supposed to be a drug addict, solving crimes to keep him away from sweet lady H and other drugs. When you think about it he does have quite an addictive personality with smokes,crimes,John even.

One of the biggest shocks was Sherlock in a relationship with the charmingly Irish Jeanine,of course there’s always a hidden agenda with Sherl (as Jeanine calls him) and he actually just needed her to gain access to Magnussen’s office. Poor Jeanine, but more about her later.

Mary had us all fooled,the last thing you’d ever expect was for her to have a secret identity. When Sherlock walked in on her with a gun to Magnussen’s head didn’t you think she was just leading John on all that time and was actually quite evil and going to break John’s little heart? Then she shot Sherlock and the shit hit the fan,confirming what you may have thought,evil aul bitch. Thankfully Sherlock’s mind palace, with the help of his mental Molly and Mycroft,saved him from dying,again. Although technically he was dead for a few moments.

By now our feelings are all over the place. Heartbreak for John,worry for Sherlock and confusion about the whole situation. Benedict Cumberbatch’s real life parents make another appearance and aren’t they adorable? Especially his dad who kind of looks like Roy Walker the old Catchphrase presenter.

We kind of know nothing about Mary. Firstly, we don’t know her real name or what exactly she used to do or how many people she killed but it’s a safe bet to assume she was a secret agent/assassin and if anyone knew where she was a lot of people would be after her. After deciding she was a lying murderer, she flipped it on us. Her biggest fear is losing John and she’ll do anything to keep him,eventually John decides he doesn’t care who she was, only who she is now. Huzzah! Back in our good books.

How much of a nightmare is Magnussen,leading us all on to believe he had some kind of Google Glass, when all that time he had a crazy efficient mind palace. The only choice Mary or Sherlock had was to shoot him dead to protect everyone they love. Before killing him Sherlock had a ‘Die Hard’ moment with his one-liner ‘I’m a high functioning sociopath, merry Christmas!’

moriartySure that Sherlock was screwed and would either go to prison or have to flee the country and never return, we knew some kind of cliffhanger was coming. Motherf*cking Moriarty on every screen in the country on repeat saying ‘Did you miss me?’ in his mocking Irish accent and to just confirm he’s not dead we see a split second of him, post credits, in the flesh. Que Sherlock staying in England to sort him out,again!

Let the theories roll on how Moriarty isn’t dead after we seen him shoot himself in the head,through his mouth. Is it really,really him? Does he have a twin? Did he pull off a Sherlock stunt even better than Sherlock did? Is Irish Jeanine his sister or related to him in some way and super pissed off that Sherlock lead her on? We’re going have to wait a long time to find out.

by Jen Gore

Just also going to leave this here.


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