American Hustle: Amy Adams didn’t impress,Liberace was better

I’m slowly making my way through the Oscar’s ‘Best Picture’ nominations and it all kicked off with American Hustle. It had me at Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence, I knew they’d make a good on-screen pairing from the start. Not crazy about the Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Lawrence team David O.Russell has going on but maybe that’s because I’m not fond of B-Coo (doesn’t work as well as ‘J-Law’).

hustleAmerican Hustle is about two con artists conning people out of some money until they get caught by an undercover cop and he makes them con some politicians to bust some mildly bad buys and make himself look good and be the hero of the moment. It’s a black comedy and is pretty light hearted the whole way through without being vulgar or insulting which is a change when it comes to mainstream comedies now as it seems the most popular way to get a laugh is tonnes of sex jokes and swear words. American Hustle is a bit more subtle, dry and smart with how it uses comedy.

Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence are the highlight of the film and they own it with their funny,crazy relationship. He’s fat,tacky and wears a cheap hair piece to cover up his baldness and she’s beautiful,whitty but a bit of a loudmouth,with a voice like a watered down Fran Drescher. She’s a bored,lonely,drunk housewife who he leaves at home to have an affair with Amy Adams. The only thing keeping them together is their son. They both seem to be on the same page acting wise and comedy wise and this why they’re so fun to watch in American Hustle.

Amy Adams on the other hand didn’t impress me. I expected more from her, being nominated for an Oscar and all that but it was just the same ol’ Amy Adams in a downtrodden role where life isn’t fair to her and she walks around all mopey for most of the film. The bad English accent didn’t help either. I actually like Amy Adams but she bored me in this, I don’t think she and Christian Bale had great chemistry and what was up with all her boob tops? What was the purpose? If anyone knows of any hidden meaning for it or anything, let me know.

The biggest surprise for me was probably how good Jeremy Renner was. He and Bale strike up a lovely relationship and you can’t help but feel for both of them and believing that Renner is genuinely a good guy,with almost cartoonish hair though. I’m not his biggest fan but he stepped it up a notch here and did well.

I don’t know if I’d call it Oscar worthy,in my opinion ‘Behind The Candelabra’ was pretty much the same in regards to the type of comedy,cinematography and acting but unfortunately it’s ineligible for an Oscar because it was released on HBO and Hollywood wouldn’t finance it because it thought only ‘gay people’ would watch it. How wrong were they!

American Hustle is worth the watch, I don’t think it’s worth an Oscar, I think Behind the Candelabra is better and it’ll be a sham if Amy Adams wins. C’est tout.

By Jen Gore


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