Lady&trans*Fest Dublin: Celebrating feminism with films,workshops and more

Lady&trans Fest Dublin is a ‘queer/feminist D.I.Y weekender festival’ with workshops,films,music,spoken word,theatre,discussions and arts/culture events.  On the new festival blog which will be updated more and more over the coming weeks, there has been pictures posted of what films will be showing in Seomra Spraoi behind Mount Joy Square acting as fund raisers before the festival. Sister’s gotta do it for themselves right?

The Lady&trans Fest blog says: ‘As a festival we want to help create a safer space for queers and rebels, and we want to help foster an environment of inclusivity, and awareness of intersectionality.
We decided to call it Lady&TRANS*Fest as opposed to the traditional ‘ladyfest’, just ‘cos while it’s awesome to be a lady, it’s also awesome to be a butch, a trans guy, a genderqueer persyn, a trans womyn and any mixture of the above. Feminism to us means challenging all patriarchy and domination, including those which we’ve internalised.’

Today more and more women are describing themselves as feminists and if you’re one of us then this is definitely the festival for you. Personally I try to stand up for women and queer society whenever I can because as females we should all be respected,equal and taken seriously in a country and society largely dominated by men and people trying to tell us who and how we should be. This is a chance to celebrate,educate and support all kinds of females while having some fun of course!

TVagina cupcakeshe festival will take place from March 28th-30th in Dublin with film night fund raisers in February and March taking place is Seomra Spraoi and a confirmed music night,brilliantly named ‘Fallopian Tunes’ taking place in Sweeney’s on Dame Street on the Friday night of the festival and theatre performances happening in the basement of Outhouse.

Check out the blog for more details on the festival and volunteering. All attendees are encouraged to help out by bringing some vagina cupcakes although it’s not compulsory. I say we all get together and bake some vagina cakes,as one. Who’s with me?

Check out this impressive selection of  films starting very soon. Will I be seeing you there fellow feminists? Let us know!

by Jen Gore

Lady&trans festival dublin

Lady&trans festival dublin


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