Trampoline: An Irish indie film on par with America

Irish films in the style of the American indie film are hard enough to come by, usually what you’ll be directed to is Glen Hansaard’s ‘Once’ and that’s about it. The Irish are great for making films taking the piss out of ourselves and what we’re perceived to be in films like ‘The Guard’, ‘Grabbers’ and ‘The Van’ but what there’s not much of is Irish indie film. This is where Irish director Tom Ryan comes in with his award winning film ‘Trampoline’.

Aoife Spratt TrampolineIn ‘Trampoline’ we see Angie,a young woman back to Nenagh to live at home with her sister Jenny,brother and Mother Sarah,after being in England working some part-time jobs. She comes home to sub at a secondary school but returning to Nenagh means Angie has to face the problems she left behind head on.

Aoife Spratt plays the laid back lead and manages to act so naturally and portray emotions so easily it’s almost like spying on an actual person.  Audrey Hamilton who plays the best friend ‘Kate’ is probably my favorite though. She’s naturally funny and has a great screen presence and we all know someone like Kate who’s always up for a laugh,a little bit mad and manages to cheer up whoever she talks to. Audrey Hamilton is a delight to watch but Maggie Donovan kind of stole the show for me. She plays Angie’s sister ‘Jenny’ who has been keeping in contact with her father,who cheated on their mother and abandoned the family for another woman many years ago. any time she was in the frame she drew my attention simply because her standard of acting was really high and she played the annoyed,pissed off,frustrated-with-her-sister character perfectly and never faultered.

Trampoline,Nenagh,aoife sprattThe film is shot really well,considering the budget was €1000. The shots of Dublin and Nenagh are lovely to see and I’m personally glad the quality of the film is top notch,recording-wise. It further adds to the feel Tom Ryan was going for.

‘Trampoline’ has already had success overseas winning awards in New York and LA  for Best Feature Narrative and Best Leading Actress In A Feature Film. It’s getting a limited release in the Ormond Cineplex in Nenagh from February 21st but it would be great to see the film reach a wider Irish audience as Tom Ryan has managed to create an Irish indie film on par with American indie films.

Ultimately ‘Trampoline’ is a well shot,well acted Irish film with a group of  young actors and a director and crew who can only be destined to progress on to bigger things.

by Jen Gore


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