The Randomers: An original,beautiful,Irish love story

The Randomers Lately I’ve been asked to take a look at some independent Irish films and I’m enjoying the serious amount of talent we have in our little film world and promoting any great Irish film is a pleasure. ‘The Randomers’ is an absolute gem and thankfully I was made aware of its existence. It’s a love story set in the west about a girl posting an add seeking a relationship without any talking. So,this film is 99% a silent film with no talking,only lovely music,some stunning scenery and impressive acting. Sarah Jane Murphy and Joseph Lydan play the lead roles and in the absence of words they convey their love story through body language,facial expressions and our own gut instincts and experiences of relationships. The viewer always knows what’s happening and at times you go to yourself ‘Oh God,I know what that look means’,as sometimes there’s tension or silent disagreements. imageShot in the west of Ireland in Galway and Mayo there are some beautiful shots taken and really great camera work. I can only imagine how much better these scenes would look on a proper big screen. The west is full of beauty and provides quite a romantic backdrop and at times a harsh backdrop to coincide with the more turbulent moments in their relationship. Director Graham Jones hadn’t got a huge budget but the cast and crew were up for the challenge and they had some help from local trad bands,actors and places to film. He has made one of the most original love stories I have ever seen and certainly a new take on the Irish love story. I can’t praise the film enough,I was so surprised at how much I loved the story,how they did it,how we’ll it was shot and the twists it took,and believe me there are some twists that catch you off guard. Their relationship is like any other and shows us that words aren’t always necessary,once two people have a connection and love each other they could survive and thrive in the comfort of their own silences and often silence says so much more than words. ‘The Randomers’ is being released in 154 countries to celebrate Valentine’s Day and it is available to watch for free online. But it would be great to see this film make its way on to the big screen. It’s so worth the watch if you’re looking for an original,beautiful,love story. by Jen Gore


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