Captain Phillips: Hoping those pirates take home some gold

Sure what else would you be doing with the weather we’ve been having but staying in and sticking some films on.

Captain Phillips, for some reason,wasn’t high on my list of films to watch even though one of my favourite actors,Tom Hanks, stars in it. But when other options failed me, Captain Phillips did not.

In this based-on-a-true-story film, Tom Hanks plays the Captain of a cargo ship transporting food and water to Africa but things go tits up when a handful of Somali pirates climb aboard and demand money,eventually taking Phillips as hostage to bargain for a big sum of cash.

Tom hanks captain phillipsTom Hanks is again one of those actors that even though they’re huge can manage to make you forget this by taking on the role of someone else,making you see the character instead of the actor. But the most surprising thing about this film is how good the pirates are.

The Somali pirates are played by a group of Somali’s with no previous acting experience and yet they are brilliant in their roles and the best thing about the film. Barkhad Abdi, plays the lead pirate ‘Muse’ and although he’s serious about what he wants and threatening, he shows that there’s a side to him that’s not completely in to all of this but he has no other choice. The fact that Abdi has no previous training is amazing because he’s so good. Watching the film I thought he was an unknown American actor. In fact before this he was a chauffeur and got scouted to play the part.

The rest of the Somali pirates are equally impressive with no acting experience themselves. Pirate ‘Najee’ played by Faysal Ahmed is crazy and unpredictable and he’s also the most violent. Ahmed genuinely puts you on edge and you can feel how much he hates the American they hold hostage.

Captain Phillips is a great true story about the first American cargo ship to be invaded by pirates in 200 years and what a brave man to come through all of that. But in the films more subtle moments you understand that the pirates may be doing this because they have no other option,they work for someone even more ruthless and if their lives were better they wouldn’t have to do this.

Captain Phillips was,for me, unexpectedly enjoyable and I’m rooting for the pirates to take home some Oscar winnings.

by Jen Gore


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