20 Feet From Stardom: Viewer’s are drawn in by what they have to tell us about this hidden,behind-the-scenes world and their remarkable voices

20 feet from stardomThe Oscar winning music documentary ’20 Feet From Stardom’ is something else. It looks at some of music’s most astounding backing singers that feature on some of the best known and loved songs ever written, songs where the backing is the most memorable and where it makes the song what it is. It’s insane how much these people have done, the absolutely stunning voices they have and how they never made it to mainstream stardom, some never even wanted to,but should have.

Darlene Love,Merry Clayton,Lisa Fischer,Claudia Lennear and more show off their unbelievable vocals while telling us all about their careers as backing singers on the world’s most famous tracks and singing back up for icons like Springsteen,Bowie,Rolling Stones and Sting to name a few. With voices so magical how on earth do most people not even know who they are? We find out how and why and just how hard it is to find work now in our digital age, for backing singers.

Made up of mostly women,these people have been there at the world’s biggest icons heights of fame without being known and then have come crashing down when they have been scammed out of royalties and settled for cleaning jobs when work was scarce. The stories these women can tell,who they’ve met and what they’ve done is astonishing and the documentary is so good because it’s done in the classic ‘story-telling’ kind of way. Viewer’s are drawn in by what they have to tell us about this hidden,behind-the-scenes world and by clips of their remarkable voices.

There is a reason ’20 Feet From Stardom’ won best documentary Oscar and you should not miss out on a chance to see it when you can.

by Jen Gore


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