Missy and Penelope,Ireland’s First Lesbian Penguins: A story for Disney

lesbian-penguinsThe Disney world is crying out for it’s first big screen lesbian couple. We’re all waiting for the next princess to be gay but how about Disney get inspired by Ireland’s first lesbian penguin couple, Missy and Penelope. We’ve had Happy Feet and we’ve had Ellen voice Dory in Finding Nemo, so it seems logical for Disney’s next animation to focus on a pair of adorably different penguins.

You can’t say that idea wouldn’t be seriously cute and progressive. Imagine the two of them waddling about, trying to court each other,bowing all over the place and giving each other pebbles then doing the aul u-haul in to their nest. Or Disney could do a documentary on it and get Ellen Page to do a voice over. Who wouldn’t go to see that?

They suck us in with Missy and Penelope and then deliver a lady lovin’ princess next. Sounds like the perfect plan to me to set the wheels in motion for some change in the industry.

Just sayin’.

by Jen Gore


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