First trailer for ‘Gotham’ TV series

This autumn ‘Gotham’ premiers on Fox and it looks promising. I never know what to think when I hear a sequel is coming and I’m even more sketchy about TV series. When I heard about ‘Gotham’ I didn’t feel great about it but this trailer has eased my fears.

Batman,Poison Ivy,Catwoman,Penguin,Riddler and Commisioner Gordon (Ben McKenzie) can be seen in the trailer but all as their youthful selves. Jim Gordon is only beginning his detective career after coming back from a war.

How cute are all the kids of Gotham by the way? Little Catwoman is sure to be kickass and Penguin (Robin Taylor) and Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) both look like they’re going to give brilliant performances.

The world of Batman expands further and it’s very exciting! Take a look.


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