First image of BatBen arrives and it’s not so bad

The first image of Ben Affleck as Batman for the 2016 ‘Batman vs. Superman’ film has been unveiled. As we expected, the internet lost its shit but the image presents a Batman that isn’t too different to the Nolan creation we’re used to. BatBen seems to be just as dark and serious and a whole lot veiny-er. It almost looks like it’s painted on to his skin. How much tighter can the Batsuits get? ’60’s Adam West’ Batman’s suit looks a million times more comfier, almost like a onesie more than a Batsuit but then again, all he needed was his Batbelt and a snazzy,punny one-liner.

daredevil ben affleck pvc red suit

Daredevil is his gimp name

I actually like Ben Affleck and think he’s a decent actor that may do justice to the roll of Bruce Wayne but Christian Bale made such an impression on us all that it’s going to be a tough job to make us forget that Bruce and accept this one,without drawing comparisons.

We are also greeted by a new Batmobile model,looking as badass as ever. I don’t think this image of BatBen is as disastrous as we all had expected but we’ll just wait until there’s a trailer before we judge even further. He may have huge muscles,bulging veins and a new toy to drive around Gotham but he will always be Daredevil to me, and that is an image I can’t shake.

by Jen Gore

ben affleck as batman



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