Planet of the Apes: Who can blame Caesar

Dawn of the planet of the apesAs Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is released, I decided to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes before I go ahead and dive in to this exciting new blockbuster.

Caesar,the ape who kicked it all off,was brought up by a scientist from the time he was a baby and then he was screwed over by people who were cruel to animals. He was screwed before he was even born because his mother was ‘put down’ when a scientific experiment conducted on animals went wrong and she went ape shit crazy.

Who can blame these animals? They’re treated so horrifically,I wouldn’t blame them for taking back their freedom and right to live on a planet alongside different species,not FOR them.

Apart from being a great franchise,Planet of the Apes gives a voice to those without one. Everyone will watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes and ooh and awww at the monkeys,apes,gorillas and orang-utans but where is the compassion for all animals in the real world?

In our world animals have no voice,they are still grossly mistreated,abused,thought of as lesser than humans. They were here before us and would happily live in peace with us but humans continue to fuck them over with violence and slavery.

Enjoy Planet of the Apes but view with a conscience and remember that we have to be the voice of animals,they can’t stand up for themselves.


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