SciFi ‘Lucy’ is short but not all bad

Scarlett Johanson’s latest science fiction attempt is ‘Lucy’ where she plays a young woman who likes her drink and her freedom until she gets roped in to a drug deal,forced to be a drug mule and then kicked in the stomach so hard the wrapped up drugs in her stomach burst and she absorbs their powers.

The drug is a blue,gritty substance that steadily but quickly allows Lucy to access more and more of her brain. As we know humans only use around 10% our brains so the film asks us to imagine what if we could access a higher percentage. Personally I probably would have preferred if Morgan Freeman (who plays a neuroscientist giving speeches on this subject) were to make an actual documentary about the brains abilities.

Although the film isn’t receiving great feedback it’s not a terrible role for a female actress. Lucy becomes strong,powerful,takes no bullshit,is highly intelligent and gives her infinite information about the world to scientists it could help. There’s some of the usual sexism but she beats the shit out of all the men in the film anyway. My problem is that she had to take the drug in the first place to get to that kind of woman, not a great message to send out BUT it is a science fiction film and as one I found it interesting enough but extremely short.

Also,congrats to Johansson on the birth of her new baby girl!


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