Before I Go To Sleep: Kidman & Firth will thrill the pants off you

before i go to sleep nicole kidman cameraEver since seeing the trailer for this I’ve been looking forward to seeing it and it’s always with films like this that I find out there’s a book. I rarely read a good thriller before I find out it’s a film or it’s going to be a film. Kidman and Firth have worked together before but I haven’t seen them in the same film previous to this so I wasn’t sure what to expect only that I know I’m a fan of both. Nicole Kidman plays Christine Lucas, a woman who was attacked and whos memory deletes itself every night while she’s asleep. Colin Firth plays her husband Ben,who has been taking care of her. Christine sees a psychiatrist secretly and keeps a video diary for herself but when her memories start to resurface it’s hard to tell the truth from the terrible,disturbing things her mind is just making up to fill in the blanks. Who can she trust but herself?

My favorite kind of thriller is the psychological where you’re not sure what’s going on. The entire film could be a dream, the main character could be insane or a ghost, it could be anything you can imagine just as long as it’s a decent mind puzzle you don’t solve before the end. It’s great to have a film make my brain be alert to the plot and the acting and everyone involved because they might be the big twist. It’s a good technique to make audiences pay attention.

Before I Go To Sleep definitely is the sort of movie to achieve all of this, to keep your brain gently ticking in the background trying to figure out what’s off about the story while you focus on what’s going on and leaning over to your buddy or partner to whisper your latest theory,which changes minute by minute.

Nicole Kidman has made some questionable choices with films but she really shows off her acting in this one and to have another strong actor like Colin Firth beside her only makes the film stronger and allows people to really get in to it. It’s quite a short film running at 92 minutes but it’s the perfect length,any longer and it would have seemed repetitive and drawn out, probably a bit boring.

Get out to see Before I Go To Sleep if you’re looking for a decent thriller with some fine acting. It’s 50 First Dates (but only for the memory loss aspect) meets Shutter Island.

by Jen Gore


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