A Walk Among The Tombstones: My heart says Liam but my head says Denzel

Over the last week two revenge thrillers were released in to the cinematic wild, going head to head to see which would conquer the box office. When faced with a choice between Liam Neeson doing what he does best and Denzel kicking seven shades of shit out of scumbags,which film do you choose?

dan stevensI decided to go see A Walk Among Tombstones. Truthfully I just thought it would be another ‘Taken’ version but it wasn’t. I had managed to avoid trailers so I sort of went in blind. The film sees Neeson as retired cop Matt Scudder (I laughed at the name too) who takes on jobs in return for favors,money, anything he needs. But when a young man he knows comes to him to help him find the bastards that kidnapped his brothers wife Scudder is faced with a difficult decision. The brother here,Kenny Kristo, is played by Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey and The Guest) is a drug trafficker,which ain’t cool with Scudder. He refuses the job but when Kristo tells him that he paid the kidnappers and that they killed his wife anyway,he decides to hunt them down and go ape shit on them in classic Neeson style.

Dan Stevens seems to be making waves recently with the release and popularity of ‘The Guest’ and now this film. He’s making some good choices and he’s a decent actor. No doubt he’s going to do well, coming from podgy pail Matthew in Downton Abbey to mysterious,toned badass, he has completely turned his image around. One of the biggest surprises we’ve seen in a while from a young actor.

I don’t believe I’ve seen Liam Neeson in a sassier role and he has some lines that made me laugh, he can be pretty blunt but in a funny way without meaning to be. He delivers what he promises with this film and doles out revenge,justice and with the help of a young,homeless sidekick who is well able for Neeson.

Although I enjoyed A Walk Among the Tombstones, my heart said Liam Neeson but my head said Denzel in The Equalizer which is the more popular film and did very well in its opening weekend. It’s a matter of preference but if you have the time, just see them both. I plan on doing so.


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