Harry Potter Comes To Penneys and New Look

To my absolute delight, Penney’s and New Look have some Hogwarts tees and jumpers and jammies. It’s about time after the wave of superhero stuff pushed at us that the wizards and witches get a look in.

For 8 quid each you can own your chosen house or just buy em all! Penneys on Facebook made a balls of the tops but in store the house names match their colours except Hufflepuff which is on a grey shirt so don’t get furious over the houses not matching their colours.





I love new pyjamas and I love Harry Potter so when my passions collided in this glorious Potter Quidditch pyjama set from Penney’s for 14 euro I whipped them right up and am currently in them doing this post. Happy as Harry!

Harry Potter Quidditch pyjamas primark

Harry Potter Quidditch pyjamas primark

As if that wasn’t enough,New Look have some Potter stuff of their own but it’s a bit pricier. They have a black Hogwarts tee for 17.99 and two different Hogwarts jumpers. The first jumper here is 22.99 and the latter is 29.99. But it’s almost winter and it’s a good excuse to get one of these,or so I tell myself.

hogwarts new look tshirt

hogwarts new look jumper

hogwarts new look jumper



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