Gone Girl gon’ impress you

Having previously read Gillian Flynn’s published version of ‘Gone Girl’,a thriller of a book that examines the breakdown of a marriage,I was excited to see David Fincher’s adaption and how well it was done.

Gone girl Rosamund pike Nick Dunne Amy Dunne ben AffleckFor those who don’t know, Gone Girl features Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as Nick Dunne and Amy Dunne,a picture perfect couple who fell in love before the recession took away their jobs,before Amy’s parents took most of her trust fund to clear debts and before they had to leave their lives in New York behind to take care of Nick’s dying mother in a small town they didn’t fit in to. Faced with unemployment and financial problems,Nick becomes unmotivated and unhappy and apparently irritated with his wife Amy. But when she disappears is it all Nick’s fault or something more calculated?

Ben Affleck has been making some really good choices these past few years with The Town,Argo and now Gone Girl. He has consistently been showing his talents as an actor,director and producer and he plays Nick Dunne perfectly. Nick Dunne isn’t an over the top character he’s quite subtle,laid back but with an air of frustration and apathy. He doesn’t show his feelings all too well but it doesn’t make him boring in fact Affleck manages to play him in a way that constantly has us on the fence about his innocence.

Rosamund Pike couldn’t have been more perfect for the role of Amazing Amy,a charming and beautiful woman who has been out done by her parents children’s character version in their ‘Amazing Amy’ books. As she says in the film: ‘Amazing Amy has always been one step ahead of me.’ She isn’t completely Nick’s opposite but she wants him to be the man he was before he was laid off and became sorry for himself.

Gone Girl sticks to the book perfectly with some minor changes made to suit the film better,for visual effect and to illustrate some points about the characters. The film is doing well and generally everyone is impressed with Affleck and Pike and if you loved the book then you’ll love the film for the same reasons,just bring enoug treats to last the whole 2.5 hours.



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