Babadook: The first original horror in years to actually scare

Are you constantly looking for the next film to scare you,to disturb you and to make you afraid? I’m constantly let down by terrible versions of the same horrors. Nothing but exorcisms,haunted dolls and people ‘videoing’ their supernatural moments with a sickeningly shaky camera.Babadook

Horrors rarely scare me but what gets to me is films where you think ‘well,that could happen…’ I like to be freaked out. The Blair Witch Project did that for me,Guillermo del Torro is a master of it and there’s nothing scarier than horrors that are possible in real life.

‘Babadook’ is one of those films. In turns it is slightly supernatural and metaphorical but it’s creepy,it’s pit-of-the-stomach scary like when you have a bad feeling about something. It gets to you without pulling cheap scares that make you jump. The fear subtly builds in you as you watch because you know something is not right.

Jennifer Kent has written and directed a brilliant psych-horror. Essie Davis plays Amelia, a worn out mother of a child with an overactive imagination who is trying to cope with the death of her husband while juggling being a mother,an employee and a sister. Noah Wiseman plays her adorable son Samuel who builds weapons to fight off the monsters he’s afraid of but his uncontrollable behaviour along with keeping his mother awake every night to keep him safe,takes a toll on their lives.

When a book,’The Babadook’, shows up in Sam’s room it chills Amelia and she gets rid of it only for it to reappear and unleash the seriously terrifying presence of the Babadook.

This film has a Tim Burton sort of look to it but is completely in the realm of Guillermo del Toro and could have easily been one of his creations. It’s bleak,dark and unsettling but absolutely fantastic.

The Babadook, is really a metaphor for the grief,agony and devastation Amelia has been holding down for 7 years since her husband died and her son was born on the same day. The Babadook is the darkest things we don’t dare say or do. We all have a Babadook in us that we can never get rid of but if we try to completely ignore it it will try its best to take over and get the best of us.

This Halloween skip the bad evil dolls,cheap scares and overdone exorcisms and go see a real horror that will stay with you long after you leave the cinema. See The Babadook and experience a true horror.

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