Interstellar: Great acting,beautiful to watch and quite moving

interstellarChristopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ is one of the year’s biggest films and has kept fans waiting to see what he could possibly have come up with after his Dark Knight run and Inception. He’s not one for typical film ideas and with this mega Sci-Fi story he has done something a little different with space,time,gravity and our earth.

The human race is in danger after our main stable crops have begun to fail leaving only corn and very little food. There are dust storms everywhere harming health and homes and it’s predicted that we don’t have very long left to survive. Matthew McConaughey plays ‘Cooper’,a former engineer and pilot for NASA who now runs a farm. Living with him are his two children and father in law (his wife died,and we all know life is hard without a momma bear about). When his daughter insists a ghost is haunting her room they discover that it’s something to do with gravity,Cooper and his kid crack a code that brings them to a top secret station which was formerly NASA before it was shut down. From here they recruit Cooper again to go in to space, travel through a black hole to a new galaxy and find us a new home before we’re wiped out.

Now,not too much is given away about Interstellar and I wont be the one to ruin it by going in to great detail. It’s an original plot that is supported by a great cast who know how to act very well. Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway are quite moving as they struggle to make huge decisions to leave their galaxy and families. Nolan has done really well to not over-sexualize women in his recent films or have them around just to create a relationship with his characters. Hathaway and Jessica Chastain stand out on their own and personally I feel that Chastain is the strongest in this cast but not by too much.Michael Cain is as cute and heartbreaking as ever! I wanted to go in as blind as possible so I was pleasantly surprised by the presence of Casey Affleck and Matt Damon popping up for a bit.

Visually it’s beautiful and it’s apparent that a lot of detail went in to this and the planning of how to present time,black holes and the surface of new planets they land on, taking in to account how those planets might react differently in strange atmospheres. But these images of space and earth wouldn’t be as impressive without the score which to me sounded huge and full but sometimes silence was used perfectly and the scene,the picture and vastness of space spoke for itself.

It’s never my intention to review films in a pretentious way, to talk about them in too much philosophical detail or bullshit terms because who watches films like that unless you’re studying them? I can already see some people not liking Interstellar but these will more than likely be the people who don’t have the patience to give it a chance and attempt to understand it. All you really need to know is that it’s a Sci-Fi,it’s a bit deep,it has a great cast,great sound and vision,it’s 2 hours 50 minutes long and the main message is that love is what transcends everything.


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