Is Jamie Dornan Setting Himself Up For A Fall?

Jamie Dornan,as we all know, is playing Mr.Grey in the yet to be released 50 Shades of Grey film but he’s not having an easy time. Fans have their own choices for who they want to play the sex and bondage obsessed business man who has a very intimate relationship with timid Anna. It has taken a while to cast actors and get the ball rolling but finally it was decided that Dornan was the guy they wanted for the part.
jamie dornanDornan can be seen alongside Gillian Anderson in Belfast set tv drama series The Fall,playing a family man and bereavement councillor who is secretly a murderer who strangles women to death,ties them up and leaves them naked and posed. Not too far from the 50 Shades role he’s picked up, but is he any use? He barely speaks in The Fall but he has the intense stare of a killer down to a tee. I haven’t been stunned by him so far,before this he was a model so he’s well used to being quiet and ‘speaking with his eyes’. But it’s not in the same way Ryan Gosling does it in Drive or Tom Hardy in The Drop. It’s more basic, always the same and not impressive.

Anna Kendrick had this to say:

The “50 Shades of Grey” dude looks just like “Love Actually” kid. I feel less *turned on* and more like….I should call child services…

To be honest, I don’t buy in to the Twilight fan fiction turned romantic-erotica book which became popular for all its sex. The film is only getting an R rating unlike ‘Shame’ starring Michael Fassbender which got an NC-17 rating which means no one 17 and under is even allowed just be IN the theatre of the film showing. So the fact that 50 Shades got an R rating probably means you wont see a lot of the sex in detail just some random shots of wrists with rope on them,some sighs and maybe a bum cheek.

Dornan seems to be heading for a fall before he even has a chance to make a name in the film business for himself.

by Jen Gore


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