X-Files To Return: What if Scully met Stella?

The X-Files could be on its way back to our screens and we all badly want to believe! How great would it be to have Scully,Mulder,Skinner,Dogget,Reyes and The Lone Gunmen back in our lives? David Duchovny is up for it but not a whole series. What about a handful of hour long episodes then? We could deal with that.

scullystellaSpeaking of Gillian Anderson, what would it be like if the X-Files did an episode where Scully meets Stella from The Fall and it’s revealed that Paul Spector is some kind of alien? There’s no doubt that Stella would even entertain any of that alien shit and then Scully would bring her round to the idea. Stella would probably try and sleep with Scully, she’d also meet her match in Mulder and Gerry Adams look alike Jim Burns’ head would explode at seeing two versions of Gillian Anderson.

Come on Fox, make it happen and make it happen quickly. Our lives have been left too long without alien conspiracies,Mulder’s dry humour and Scully’s flaming locks.


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