Harry Potter Primark Haul

Primark or ‘Penneys’ as it’s known here in Ireland, has recently been getting tonnes of Harry Potter merchandise. It’s what my younger self needed and now I’m making up for it by snatching up what they get in. I’ve gotten Hogwarts bed clothes, a Hogwarts iPad sleeve,Harry Potter pyjamas, Tshirts and a phone cover and as well as these they have Hogwarts house tshirts and trousers for whichever house you feel you belong to. Personally I’m a Ravenclaw. All of these are at affordable prices also.

Primark Hogwarts crest iPad case
11057214_10153704815075209_8628977507530534594_n 10635706_10153704815715209_1226242402389640843_n 11230580_10153704815340209_1405140689557590497_n 11209557_10153704815940209_6107342059431325135_n 11898586_10153680920790209_662744342515094815_n 11924283_10153704815370209_5311100710260501748_n 11947606_10153704815745209_1536347072747238268_n 11949332_10153704815400209_467875098543940964_n 11987155_10153704841100209_4919958537224804490_n



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