X Files Premier: Scully even more fab and Mulder even more Spooky

The first episode of season 10 of the X Files premiered on Sunday, bringing Mulder and Scully back in to our lives and in to a whole new era altogether. It’s present day so there’s references to Uber and other social media, which should be interesting to see how they incorporate new technology and use it to their advantage and cases.


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Scully was a strong yet naive character at times in the X Files but after seeing Gillian Anderson in The Fall it would be hard to imagine her playing Scully like that any more and she’s definitely brought more sass and an even more no-bullshit attitude to Scully’s character which is good to see.

David Duchovny seemed to play Spooky as he always has only now after uncovering what was always implied or hinted at in previous series we get a solid conspiracy theory from Mulder confirming what they always kind of knew, that it’s the government or very elite people using aliens as a smoke screen for some pretty horrible things they’re doing and planning.

I’m not one for too many spoilers so I may leave it at that but what about that ending eh? And Scully’s hair/wardrobe and general existence? Will we see the return of The Lone Gunmen? What about Doggett and Reyes? It was a strong premiere thankfully and hopefully the rest of the season wont disappoint its fans.

Were you impressed or not so much? Do tell!


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